Circus arts are complete, flexible and extremely customizable educational tools. In circus art workshops, the importance of positive social development and intellectual growth of the individual goes together with the acknowledgment of the value of physical exercise to the general well-being. Circus arts help to develop and maintain skills such as mental focus and coordination; moreover, they improve body aspects such as movement quality and physical expression.

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STAFF (devil, flower and sticks)

If you like what spins, what can be really felt.. and what may also hurt, here you are: an experimental training with the various staff objects. We will practice creative use, performance creation, contact and tricks.

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History and use of one of the oldest circus tools. Study of tricks and lines, creative use, performance creation and movement poetry.
Because diablo isn't just a thingy for hippies in city parks.

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By having fun and by discovering one's own abilities, this workshop offers the opportunity to create a stage space where it is possible to play with oneself and with the tool's spirit - a tool that can be a juggling tool.. but who knows, perhaps also something else.. and perhaps along with something else.

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Aerial acrobatics (trapeze, aerial silk, rope, aerial hoop)

Dedicated to those who not only want to try the technique of aerial tools, but who also want to experience them in a creative and theatrical way.

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A journey through the rhythm of our bodies, by means of the experimentation of different dancing styles.