A long time ago, when the world was still flat, people used to believe that there was nothing beyond the horizon. The Pillars of Hercules used to mark the end of the world as people knew it, leaving room to fears and wasteland.

But people didn’t know that, at the other side, somebody was living and feeling – somebody who was about to set off on a journey.

The Entsetzt family was born in a place where time does not exist.
On a brackish night, it crossed the Pillars of Hercules, going hand by
hand with fear. Finally, it arrived in the here-and-now dimension,
which it did not quite understand, but which it now likes to play with.

The Entsetzt family lands from an unknown place to an unknown place.
With desolation, estrangement and poetry, the bird-woman and her butler,
the engine drivers, the old woman and the musician will all accompany you in a journey
to meet the other as the mirror of the unknown, as sensual monster – if you will let yourself be guided by fire.

Stunts of objects and people, to build a magnetic yet faraway imagery...
who comes from where, and who thinks who’s who?

You, the Audience, must find the answer Because the Other
stays the Other Only if you keep considering it to be so.